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Lt. Raymond Murphy Memorial Scholarship Fund
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The fund has established (6) educational grants to be given each year. Now in our sixteenth year, the Fund has been able to give $516,000 to children of firefighters and emergency services workers. Linda had decided early on to make her own donations, in Ray’s name, to the schools attended by their children, Ray, Jr. and Sean. With the establishment of the Scholarship Fund, the members voted overwhelmingly to continue what Linda had started. The Fund will give (2) $7,500.00 donations to the following schools. St. Frances de Chantal Elementary School, Iona Prepatory High School, and Archbishop Stepinac High School. A $7,500.00 grant will be given to a graduating senior who is the son or daughter of a firefighter or emergency service worker. Some schools choose to split the grant among one or more worthy students. Linda has set no parameters on the awarding of the grants, choosing to let the school administrators, who know the students, make the choice. An additional grant of $7,500.00 is also given to each school to be used to off set education costs for students in need. This anonymous gesture of good will epitomizes Ray’s life of always helping others.


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We all know that Ray’s family, friends and fellow firefighters would come together to stand by Linda and the boys following his tragic death of September 11, 2001, just as he would have for others. What we didn’t expect was the overwhelming show of love, compassion and support from all over the country from complete strangers. Letters, cards, tapestries and checks, sent with deep feelings of sorrow and sympathy that could be felt through the words. We were deeply moved and very grateful.

Linda and the boys wanted to give something back in Ray’s name that would have a simple and yet meaningful effect. Ray had always insisted that the boys do their best when it came to school. Ray, Jr. and Sean’s efforts were always more important to Ray than the results, but oh how Ray loved seeing those results in the form of the good grades they brought home!

Ray felt the kids should have the opportunity to go to the best schools available, where the educators would help to reinforce the values that he and Linda instilled at home. Ray wanted the best for his kids and was aware of the economic challenge that came with it. There was no debate; it was something that Ray and Linda knew was right. With that in mind, Linda set up a series of scholarships as a way of keeping Ray’s memory alive, while at the same time providing an opportunity for some very deserving people.

In establishing the 6 scholarships, Linda hoped that in addition to the financial benefit, each student would take a piece of Ray’s wonderful personality with them as they continued on life’s journey. No one could ask for a better Guardian Angel.

In time, grief began to subside, Ray’s friends, wanting to do something, anything, to keep Ray’s memory alive, suggested a golf outing as a way to raise funds for the scholarships. A committee was formed and the Lt. Raymond E. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Fund was born.

All proceeds raised in support of the Fund will be used to further Linda’s goal of providing these Scholarships. In doing so, Ray’s memory will be kept alive.

Everyone who knew Ray knows that the only way he would let us honor him would be by giving to others.

Thank you,

                                                  The Family and Friends of Ray Murphy


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